Monday, April 16, 2012

Nature reserve photos

My son and I went back to the nature reserve Sunday morning and it was a perfect day for it. We spent five hours hiking, with a 20-minute rest for snacks, and only covered about half of what there is to see.

We meandered off the trail a few times to go exploring and got a bit lost...but some of the weird stuff we saw off the trail was worth it! There were scatterings of bones here and there...and these were BIG bones. I don't know what kind of animals they were...but there was even a tooth still lodged in part of a jaw bone (last photo below). Kind of freaky but really interesting!

Cactus flowers

Wild grapes just starting to grow 

The only mushroom we saw all day 

Strange tree roots...these were at the base of many trees off the trail. They looked like something you'd see in a cave and we really couldn't figure out how they would have gotten that way.

Freaky tooth and jaw bone...the tooth itself was a little over an inch long.

We're definitely going back soon to cover what we didn't get to see today. And we'll plan things better next time so we don't get lost :)