Saturday, April 14, 2012

New discovery!

My son and I discovered a gold mine late this evening...a nature reserve with 6 miles of hiking trails...almost right in our backyard!! I had passed the sign with the word 'reserve' on it many times and always meant to check it out (it looked to be private property from what I could see), but tonight as we passed, the kid noticed that there was a small parking area and the fence was OPEN.

We got there a half an hour before closing, but tomorrow's plan is to load up the backpack with water, snacks, and camera and head out there early. These are two of the shots I got before we left.

I can't believe this place has been there this whole time! It's been so long since I've been anywhere like that; I was like a kid running from one area to another, "Oooh look!" "Hey, there's a lake!" "OMG look, a little island-- what kind of birds are those?!"

I can't wait for tomorrow. Do you sense a photo-heavy post coming soon? :)

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