Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Woodland Mushroom Wedding

That post title makes it sound like mushrooms are getting married :)

Nope, no mushroom matrimony (toadstool trysts?), but a wedding taking place in a clearing in the woods by a river. This is the custom work I mentioned a few days ago.
The bride-to-be wanted spiral mushroom boutonnieres and one of my tree stumps with mushrooms for the ring bearer's pillow.

I had never done any wedding-themed items before, but I had fun coming up with ideas and I'm pretty happy with the way everything came together.

Handcrafted wool ring bearer's pillow -mossy tree stump and mushrooms

Handcrafted wool wedding boutonnieres - mushrooms and mossy leaf
The boutonniere leaves are the same color green as the mossy base of the tree stump, and I added a little spiraled twig to each of them to tie in the spiral theme even more. Everything is secured at the bottom of these, but I like how it seems that the mushrooms were just plucked from the ground and placed into the leaf.
I hope the bride likes them :)


  1. magnifique cet esprit de sous bois, tout en douceur et de saison, j'aime vraiment beaucoup

  2. Merci beaucoup pour votre commentaire! J'aime thèmes forestiers :)