About Me

Hi there, I'm Janine and I'm the artist/owner of Foxtail Creek Studio. Lovely to meet you, and thanks for wanting to know more about me :)

I grew up around lots of beautiful woods and mountains in West Virginia and Upstate NY, and spent most of my childhood exploring, climbing trees and basically being a tomboy. Now that I've grown up (in some ways!), I always find myself drawn to nature themes -- flowers, trees, mushrooms, bird's nests, animals, etc. and I am forever trying to re-create all that elusive beauty through different art forms.

There are so many ways that I like to create things; including needle felting, clay sculpture, painting and embroidery...but my favorite thing is to incorporate all those things into one piece. I love how techniques from one medium constantly spill over into another; it makes for a very interesting creative process!

I hope you enjoy reading what I write here in my blog; it's starting to become my art journal of sorts, thrown together with the photos that I love to take (nature, my cats, and my work table - that pretty much sums it up) and interesting things that I find in life and on the web.

Have a wonderful day, and feel free to leave comments - I'd love to hear what you think!

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