Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sculpted Bird Egg Necklaces Are Finally Here!

Cream bird egg with brown flecks necklace
Cream and blue bird eggs with brown flecks - necklaces
Cream and blue bird eggs with brown flecks - necklaces in hand for scale

Everything finally came together to get these babies in my shop. It took me a while to find the right supplier for the chains (I tested out this style of chain from three different sources; seems I'm kinda picky). These are silver-plated petite ball chains, they are more slender and feminine than the type you would find with dog tags...and they are so smooth and bright and pretty.

The eggs are sculpted from clay, then painted with washes and layers of flecks and splotches to look like the real thing. It's a bit time-consuming, letting each layer dry before adding another with my tiny brushes. But you know me...if I'm going for realism, I'll take the long way and enjoy the ride =)

I did a lot of research on bird species and their eggs while coming up with prototypes for these (which was fun in itself); the cream-colored ones are modeled after the Meadow Starling and the Red-tailed Hawk. The blue ones are inspired by the Chipping Sparrow.

Nature is just so full of gorgeous things.


  1. Can these egg necklaces be ordered online? I couldn't find a price anywhere on the site, although I may have just been looking in the wrong places!

  2. Hi there! They are $24.00 USD; you are welcome to contact me through my Etsy shop:
    (blue "Contact" button on the left)

    I don't have any more listed right now, but I'll be happy to create one for you :)

    Thank you!