Saturday, March 10, 2012

Almost ready, sneak peek!

Hello and Happy Saturday!
I think I'm finally happy with the painting techniques I'm using on the mushroom cap pin toppers. Here are a couple shots of the ones I particularly like:

The ones in the top photo have a matte finish and seem more realistic to me, which is what I prefer. However, I know that not everyone loves the same styles that I do, so I also did some that are glossy with lots of spots (bottom photo)...they seem to belong in more of a fairy tale setting somehow. :)
You may notice that a little green leaf found its way in the group as well...I sculpted a couple of those and they were so much fun that I'm sure I will make more.

Some of these will be available in the shop by Sunday night once I get some proper photos taken (for those kind souls who are patiently waiting) ♥

Also, I'm excited that it's Daylight Saving Time here this weekend...I LOVE it when the days are longer and it's still light out at 8 p.m.! Makes the day's possibilities seem endless.

Have a wonderful evening!

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