Thursday, March 1, 2012

How I spent my morning

Seems I'm a bit mushroom-happy lately. I spent most of the morning sculpting these caps, and I used a sewing pin for the details. These are waiting to be painted, photographed and listed as accessories for the pincushions in my shop.

A fun way to spend my first day of self-employment =)


  1. Are you going to sell these on Etsy??? I want some! Just got started on a terrarium project and lamented the fact how hard it was to find ittsy bittsy skinny mushrooms that would look real in such tiny space. But here they are and they are so perfect, I actually thought they were real little fairy ring mushrooms of a variety I have not seen before.
    Also Janine, I wanted to tell you that i have changed my blog address, and none of the old links work now. (Good job Kinga, sighs..) Here is the new address in case you are looking for me:

  2. Hi there Kinga! Yes I will sell these mushroom caps on Etsy once I find a painting technique that makes me happy...I've been trying out different acrylic washes and color layering and nothing looks REAL enough to me :) They will actually be sold as accessories to my pincushions as they are secured to sewing pins; I didn't even think about terrarium decor!
    I tend to favor the delicate, skinny little mushrooms too! I think that's why I stuck to just the caps, and let the pin represent the stem.
    It's always good to hear from you, thanks for the update on your blog info. =)

  3. I think these are already perfect, and yes, it looks like there is a huge market for terrarium additions, and for fairy gardens and other whimsical designs, so when you are ready to sell, I will be waiting:)))) They are so wonderful!!!!