Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The moving is done! In more ways than one--

Heh that rhymed. I'm a geek :)

Yep I'm all moved and (mostly) unpacked. Pretty time consuming, this moving stuff!

I also made another move in the last month...I moved all my handmade stuff from Etsy to Artfire.
I don't know if this will be permanent; it was just really time to try something new. I won't get onto Etsy-bashing; I like the idea of Etsy and I like how it looks, and I still go there everyday to keep up with what's happening over there. I still have my favorite sellers that I will buy from. I'd like to go back to being a seller there eventually, but only when they make some much-needed changes. **Update: I'm happy to report that Etsy has indeed stepped up and made tons of improvements, and I have re-opened my shop :)**

Within a week of setting up my Artfire shop, I sold one of my nest pins. I was so pleasantly surprised!! I had to *unpack* my packing supplies so I could ship it out :)
So the craft room/studio is pretty much unpacked and organized, and I was able to make a couple new bobby pins over the long weekend. I haven't listed them in the shop yet; they still need some more photos but I thought I'd go ahead and post the ones I have here:

That's about it for now, just some major changes that I thought some of you would like an update on! I hope you all have a great, creative week :)

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