Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Needle Felting - A work in progress Part 3 *Done!*

The final set of progress pics, I think he's done! This cutie will be entering the world of Ebay soon...I'll post a link when I list him.

As promised in my last post, he's getting a nose :)

Here I'm making one of the wings, basically just a fat teardrop shape. I'm leaving the pointy end fluffy so that I can attach it to his back.

I'm using just a tiny bit of a lighter colored wool spread across the wings, to give the appearance of that veined look that insect wings have...

Now the wings are done and I'm working on the antennae. Here I'm using jewelers' needle-nose pliers on black craft wire to make a couple 'squigglies', with a Swarovski crystal bicone bead at the top for a bit of sparkle.

He's done, I think! He's making himself comfy on some flowers that I crocheted. I'm wondering...should I give him a stinger??


  1. Yup! I think a stinger would be a great touch! (Maybe a whimsical little crooked one ?)

    love & hugs,


  2. Oh that would have been cute, to match his squiggly little antennae! Ahh, but...I'vejust finished spending 2+ hours doing his photo shoot and editing and cropping pics so I can list him. He was a lot of fun to do; I'm sure there will be another bumblebee in my future, so I'll save that awesome idea for the next one:)

  3. these are adorable!
    what wonderful work, they truly have personality... and it's so nice to see the work-in-progress pics.
    *i've never tried needle felting and sure want to someday*

  4. These are so cute! Some of the best I've seen.

  5. I love the little tips you give! Very helpful! Thanks!