Saturday, October 31, 2009

Tiny unfinished needle felted bird's nests

Wow it's really late already...where did the day go?? But I wanted to get this posted tonight before bed.
I really love the woodland forest-y feel of these little needle felted nests. I have a couple in my second Etsy shop as stick pins, but I've been making more the past few days just because they're so much fun. I'm weird...I like having these tiny nests everywhere! These are nests in various stages of doneness; the eggs are made of polymer clay that I baked and then painted with little brown flecks (click on the pics for full-size)...

I was playing around with my camera's settings, determined to find a way to get those awesome shots that have great depth of field (DOF).I think I did it! I also have one of those fabric collapsible photo-cubes that I've been using for a long time now, but I was never quite happy with it. I just didn't like the shape and it was too constricting, so tonight, I cut out the back and the bottom of it. Now it's 3-sided and I can just set it over whatever I'm shooting, and my backgrounds don't have to fit INSIDE of it. Why didn't I think of tearing it up before? I like it much better, and I'm pretty happy with the way these photos turned out!
Ok, time for bed! I have at least 4 kids coming over tomorrow night for a Halloween sleepover. I'm really going to need all the sleep I can get tonight  -o-

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