Sunday, October 4, 2009

More flower scarves and experimenting with photos

I got two more flower scarves finished this weekend. I am loving how these are turning's too hot right now in Florida to wear them, or else I think I would keep them!
I normally take all my photos indoors with lights set up, but I thought I'd try shooting outside (while letting the kitties out for some fresh air for a few minutes). I like the natural look to them, but the colors are somewhat unpredictable and I had to tweak a lot in Photoshop (but that may be just my lack of expertise)! Any thoughts/constructive criticism? Should I stick to the indoor setup?

Flower Scarf in Cream 

Flower Skinny Scarf in Dusty Pink


  1. They are lovely scarves and I like the outdoor background. I think the light makes them look kind of surreal and different :-)

  2. Thank you Blue Forest Jewellery! I took these photos when the sun was setting and shortly after...maybe that's what gives them the surreal look :)