Saturday, October 3, 2009

Keeping things fresh!

I had to take a short break from needle felting, I've been neglecting my Etsy shop for too long! Speaking of which, I set up another Etsy shop just for needle felted stuff. I don't have anything listed yet, but I wanted to go ahead and get it set up as Foxtail Creek Felt. My other shop (the one I've been neglecting) is Foxtail Creek and is mainly crocheted stuff.
I have to switch back & forth between mediums sometimes because things start getting stale! And it always helps...when I'm working with felt or clay, I'll get an idea for something to crochet. And I was crocheting when the idea for the needle felted Costume Kids came to me. Well it happened this time too...a new line of flower scarves popped into my head while I was stabbing away at the wool on my Fantimal in my previous post. Obviously I tend jump around a lot with projects, but one thing's for sure: I'll never be bored! :)

This is the first flower scarf, just listed, and I have three more in various stages of completion.

 Flower Scarf in Honey

Just a short post this time, it's late - have a great night!

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