Sunday, September 5, 2010

Nature Collections

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Recently I was inspired by some Flickr friends who photograph their nature collections. So today I gathered a few things and started shooting.

The snail shells were found outside my office building last week after all the rain we had (which caused some chuckling by my co-workers as I ran from one shell to another like a little kid..."Oooh! Here's another one!")...the willows are needle felted, and the embroidered bag is my first try at sewing a drawstring pouch, finished yesterday.

All the snail shells, grouped together (after a thorough cleaning, of course!) I actually discovered one of the small shells *inside* a bigger shell while cleaning them...bonus!!

One more shot of the pouch, with the snails "spilling" out:

Looking at my pitifully small collection (and the fact that I was ecstatic to find snail shells at work) makes me really miss the woods and forest areas I use to play in when I was growing up...I miss the ferns, the moss, the acorns...wild strawberries, bright orange salamanders, queen anne's lace, clovers....
I must find some woods around here that I can visit soon.

I hope everyone has a happy holiday Monday!

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