Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Learning new crafties=stagnant blog :/

It seems I have neglected my blog once again. Aaannnd here comes the excuse, er, I mean reason---

I have been occupied with learning something new... hand embroidery. Not embroidering hands, but embroidering BY hand ;)  Sewing machines and I do not get along so I do everything thread-related, umm, on my own (I really didn't want to say "hand" again. And yet there it is).
A friend of mine picked up a little organizer box full of cotton floss for me at a yard sale for 50 cents (!), it was arranged all pretty by color, and it went to my head...I HAD to learn how to use this beautiful stuff! I had done some embroidery in the past, if you could call it that. I never knew any proper stitches, and it never looked quite right to me. Enter Youtube :) Along with a DVD I picked up for $11 that teaches 20+ stitches for silk ribbon embroidery (yep, got into that too).
So, armed with my very newbie skills, I decided to try and mesh some of my older crafty knowledge with the new stuff, and came up with a piece of 3D wall art: the needle felted nest stands out from the base and holds tiny little pearl beads--

I have to say that right now I am addicted to making French knots. Love it!

I have 3 more in various stages of doneness right now, which I'll post when they're finished.

Until then, I will leave you with Leo and his huge blue eyes O_O    Have a great week!

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