Saturday, December 12, 2009

Estate sales -mixed emotions

I went to my first Estate sale today, and actually left without buying anything. At first. I wasn't prepared for the awkward feeling that came over me when I overheard the deceased's daughter talking about how sad it is that it all comes down to this. I suddenly felt like I had no business being there...some stranger pawing through a beloved mother's personal things.
So I went home and posted on the Etsy forums (the first topic I've ever started, I think, in my 2 yrs there) asking if it gets easier. Do you just get used to it after a while? After some very nice replies and people sharing their own experiences with Estate sales , I decided I had to put on my big girl panties and go back to get what I saw and loved. I'm SO glad I did!
When I went back to get this mug rack, the daughter happily stated, "She made this!". I'm so proud of myself for not crying right there on the spot, I'm a big-time sap!
This is 17 inches tall, ceramic, made in 1980....and it's already well-loved in its new home among my deer and fawns and generally forest-themed living room :)

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  1. wow, That post almost made me cry myself. Thanks for posting. I am in love with your find!