Sunday, October 25, 2009

One of Those Days

Ever have one of those days when you continually feel like something's telling you to just go back to bed? *Snicker* Oh boy did I start out having one of those today. I swear I was channeling Mr. Bean or something.

I had so many ideas for projects that had been building up in my brain during the workweek, and ideas on how to photograph them once they were finished. But it seemed like everything I tried didn't work out the way I needed it to, and I was all thumbs. Not a good thing to be when wielding a felting needle!

I decided to take a break from any new projects and thought I'd photograph some finished items. I wanted to shoot outside as I'm trying to get better at outdoor photography...but it got really breezy and any props I was using (specialty papers for backdrops, dried flowers and twigs, etc.) kept blowing around because I didn't have enough hands to hold everything down. :o)  At this point, with shoulders slumped, I gathered everything up and carted it back inside (3 trips worth of stuff).

The only thing left to do was flop on the couch for a few minutes, you can never go wrong with that! My son's friend left his Nintendo DS-I at our house...I spotted it on the coffee table and picked it up. Wow are those things neat. Not only can you play games on them, but you can record things and play them back in all kinds of funny ways, chat with anyone else who has a Nintendo DS, play music files...anyway I played Mario Kart for about 30 minutes (I've always loved any game with Mario!) and actually giggled out loud a couple little game :) 
I don't know why, but I was renewed! Maybe it was the result of doing something completely mindless and non-productive for a bit. I went back in to my studio and things just kind of fell into place. I got 2 projects done, set up my photo stuff in the kitchen and turned out some product photos that I am in LOVE with.

Maybe the kids are on to something here. Hopefully this little gadget will stay at my house for a couple days....ya know, just so I can take those mindless breaks that I apparently need once in a while. *grin*

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