Saturday, August 8, 2009

Needle Felting - A work in progress Part 2

Ok I finally got some time to do some more work on this little guy! Click on the pics to see them a little larger. Here we go:

I decided he's going to be dressed as a bumblebee, so here ^^ I'm using black wool and needling it into somewhat of a cone shape for the body.

Gotta have bright yellow stripes for a bumblebee! I like to do the edges of the stripes first and then continue filling in the middle of the stripes. Here I'm almost finished filling them in.

Now that the stripes are done, it's time to add the hood to his costume. As you can see, I've already fixed his hair-do, I just needled it down here and there along his forehead. Now I'm using more black wool for his hood. Again, I find it easier to needle the edge of the hood first to get a neater looking line, and then I fill in the rest. I'm also leaving some wool "fluff" at the bottom so I can use it to attach the head to the body.

That's it for now, next time I'll be adding his little feet, arms, antennae and wings. Oh and a nose, since he doesn't have one yet :)

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