Sunday, July 19, 2009

Crochet Vines Part 1

So I have a lot of blank white space on my walls since my "ex-roommate" moved out (he had huge flags all over the place, I never was that crazy about that look so I quietly took them down on moving day so he wouldn't forget them).
Now I have the walls all to myself. Huge, white and empty. I've looked around for some framed art, but never really found anything that grabbed my attention unless I wanted to spend LOTS of money, which I don't, because of the aforementioned mover-outer. I'm keeping this place up by myself, I'm much happier, but poor! So thrifty is the way to go.

I love the look of vines, so I thought I'd try crocheting some. That way, I can make them any colors I want, as large as I want.
I was browsing around JoAnn's with a friend of mine the other day and came across some beautiful yarn that would work perfectly for this project. It's a wool-acrylic blend called Traditions by Debbie Mumm, and the color is called Pine Needle. It was $6 a skein, but with my trusty 50% off one item coupon (told ya, thrifty!) it was mine.
The photo represents probably a couple hours of work on and off, and I still have a lot to add. I just started with a long chain; branching off, adding leaves and slip-stitching back down to the original chain whenever the mood struck. I think it's definitely going to end up wild-looking, which I like...I don't think vines should be symmetrical and be perfectly proportioned.
It's really a fun project, no counting or pattern-reading, completely free-form work (which I happen to love). I figure when it's done, I'll put it up on the wall with some double-sided foam mounting squares that I have. I can cut the squares into the tiniest little pieces and tack the vines to the wall, using the foam pieces to guide their "growth". I'll post an update when I have more done.

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