Saturday, April 28, 2012

Nature Reserve Photos - Eagle, Alligator, Dragonfly

Apparently I didn't get quite enough picture-taking yesterday morning...I went back to the Marshall Hampton Nature Reserve yesterday afternoon. I only planned on staying for a little while but it turned into two hours! I took a different trail this time; one that winds around a lake:

Lake trail
See the lake on the left? This trail goes all the way around it. I love this place!

"Hi there. I'm going to eat you if you don't get that camera out of my face." This alligator had such a weird ball-looking thing at the end of his nose! But I think his eyes freaked me out the most ::shudder::

Pretty little dragonfly :)

Wild blackberries
Yummy wild berries...yes I know they were yummy because I ate a couple after checking them for spiders and stuff :)

Black vultures
Black vultures...they look like old men with their wrinkly necks!

Eagle in tree
My favorite photo of the day...I've never been able to get a good shot of an eagle but he was just chilling out at the top of the tree posing for me :)


  1. Wow that looks like such a great place to hike around. And that photo of the eagle is absolutely amazing!

  2. Thanks Amanda! The reserve is awesome, and there is STILL so much I haven't seen yet :)
    Thank you for stopping by!!