Friday, April 6, 2012

Customer photos - LOVE!!

I was thrilled to get a message today from the lovely customer who ordered the tree stump with mushrooms to display in a library. She included photos! It's the first time that I've seen one of my creations in its new neat! This is the tree stump that was created in this post.
She put it under a glass dome and attached it to a vintage book (she said the glue was still wet here, but will dry clear) creative and I think it looks wonderful.

Customer photo of wool tree stump display
Customer photo of wool tree stump display in library at Harvard University
Simply awesome.

I am currently waiting for some little clay mushrooms to cool off so I can paint them, and of course I took pics of the process :)

Clay mushroom caps and stems work in progress

Clay mushrooms before curing

Have a wonderful weekend and a Happy Easter to those who celebrate :)

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  1. What a perfect and creative way to display your tree stump! It's so much fun to see customer photos!! Love your 'shrooms in progress!

    Happy Easter to you too!