Monday, March 26, 2012

Aggghh look what I found

So I was just going through some of my old crafty stuff when I happened upon my very first ever clay creations...this was about 17 years ago, back when Dan Marino was with the Dolphins and I actually gave a rat's butt about football. Now? I couldn't even tell you who was in the last Superbowl. Anyway...this is pretty horrid and embarrassing but it's also funny as hell. I remember putting that thing on top of the TV during the game and being so proud of toothpick and all! =)

(heyyy lookie...the leaves on that pitiful flower aren't too bad!)

I also found my first finished needle felted creation from 2008, Melina the bear. I'm actually still pretty proud of her; she was the first thing I ever felted to completion and she took sooo long for me to finish. I had big dreams of people bidding ridiculous amounts for her on Ebay...I even made her a little laminated certificate of authenticity -- but no one bid on her. I was heartbroken then, but now I'm so glad I still have her!
I'm not sure what was up with my logo back then...clearly it needed a re-work =)


  1. It's good to go back to the roots to see how far we came. I think the bear is adorable, and I love it:)

    1. Thank you Kinga :)
      I laughed so hard when I found that stupid little football!!