Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Missing the kid but making the most of it :)

My 15-yr old son has been in Connecticut since July 7th, working with his grandfather doing renovations on some rental properties. While this is a great opportunity for him to know what it IS to actually get up early and put in a full day of hard work (whaa??) I do miss him being around! He'll be back home in Florida next week and I am one anxious Mamma :)

There are definitely advantages to having the place to myself though! It's been nice to be able to really clean the house, knowing there won't be a band of teenagers traipsing through 5 minutes later...and if I feel like watching something on Netflix, guess what? I watch it. As in, right then and there, without having to figure out a way to vacate the living room of said band of teenagers involved in an all-important, can't-pause-now game of Red Dead Redemption on the XBOX.

My crafty side has taken over for sure...I've been more productive in the last few weeks than I have been in a long time. I seem to be just churning stuff out lately, which is always a positive thing for my shop :) I've also had time to pore over some books I ordered...The Bookshelf for Boys & Girls, a ten-volume set of encyclopedia-like books of stories and crafts & science/nature stuff, published in the 60's. I had this set when I was a kid and it was so great to flip through them again, giggling at pictures & stories that I hadn't seen in 25+ years...they even have that same awesome old-book smell that I remember!

All that being said, I will gladly trade my new-found time and freedom for a hug and a grin from my amazing kid when he gets home.

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