Friday, August 21, 2009

Yay! newest obsession--

Happy Friday!!
The bunny girl and the bumblebee boy have been adopted and are on their way to their new home in Illinois. Take care, little ones!

There's another Costume Kid already in the works right now, and I have a couple Halloween/fall themed kiddos planned.

Once those are done, I'm going to have to give in to my latest obsession, which are fawns/deer. I don't know why, but suddenly everything that I see featuring these adorable creatures is making me swoon. It doesn't matter if it's a realistic drawing or a little kawaii-type heart skips a beat. And if it also happens to have little mushrooms, well, then I just go nutty.
Here is a photo of some deco tape that I found on Etsy today. It's on my wishlist. It WILL be mine.

Soooo, when you're into creating things...and you become obsessed with something, you know what it leads to: I must make one! Or five!

Probably needle felted. I thought about sculpting them from clay, but I know I will end up wanting to squeeze them... :) Maybe after I make a couple soft sculptures and get over my 'Lenny-Of Mice and Men' phase, I'll go for the clay. We'll see.

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